I can fight 

The stars are so far away 
Let's reach them , I'm ready to play
The sun's So bright 
With dazzling rays 
Let's touch the heights 
The time is still left for me....
Left to see

My head bald
my wheel chair along,
my heart beating,
Singing a different song.

I lay in the room
Remembering all those pretty little lies 
I caught myself smiling and 
tears rolling down from my eyes

Thank you God for the wonderful moments
sending rude people to build up my strength ,

Now I am ready to leave this world 
I'm happy, the pain will be over now 
People ask me about my happiness and I tell them how,
'I never wanted to make things harder 
I'm going to finish this life game 
My soul shouting louder and louder '.

I can feel the angels whisper in my ear,
telling me that they are here 

I close my eyes and 
I see a door, I opened the gate 
And steped on a shore 
Was this heaven?!
Was this true ?
I started walking 
As the bright bright light grew...


The poem is about a child who (being scared of the loneliness and darkness) expresses his/her feelings for his/her shadow. 

I’m alone, but with someone

It’s mysterious but known

Can’t hear it speak

Still its mellifluous 

It never came wink too soon 

Would never talk to you 

Dark lips and eyelids pale 

It’s breathing low but it’s not frail

It vanishes in the dark

Without telling me where 

Please don’t leave me, I m scared 
Scared of the darkness 

It seems that I’m being stared 

It’s something beyond any creation

I’m terrified of my own imagination 

You are my shadow l, you know I’m nyctophobic 

COURAGE?!oh I’m lacking  it

You hear my cries 

Wanting to see you again

I’ve been in a lot of pain

You don’t utter even a single word

But I can still feel that you’re hearing 

time to go deep in my dreams 

Deep in my dreams and deep I go

Never loose hope

Then the world will know you 

Then you’ll be in the spotlight 

and no one would be able to catch you 

cause you’ll be at that height 

that is not in their reach

Grades don’t define you,this is what my heart said 

but that’s when you do something and wake up from the bed

Fight the villainous people 

never ever think that you are feeble 

have patience and think about passing the test

and you’ll get the result which would be the best 

don’t think about yourself too much

just think that you are perfect 

but need a little finishing touch 

And then the world will know you…

This poem tells about the problems these days

What happened to the people of this world? 

Why have they become highly self centered? 

Is it, that they do not want to change 

or plan to convert, 

The situations were better before 

Only peace, 

No one against but only   “FOR”!

Now the situations are worst,

people are still waiting for their wounds to ne nursed.

Is Money more than humanity?! 

Have all forgotten the word ‘sympathy’?!

But I tell you, people of this world 

Time is still left

To overcome this theft 

To overcome this theft. 

The Vampire 

The sky was red 

With The fear of the dead

everywhere was dark and there was movement in the park 

he woke up from his grave 

his coat started to wave 

he had to drink somebody’s blood 

Suddenly he heard a voice ‘thud!!’

A smile came on his face 

he walked towards that man with face full of grace, 

 he had been looking for chances 

cause he had to drink red in any circumstances 

His lips were now more red 

cheeks glowing after drinking,

now the other way he lead,

He did not leave even a trace 

That he ever existed 

and with a smile on his face he left that place.

In this poem a child tells his mother the reason for not going to school 

Mommy!  I don’t want to go to school 

I want to relax in the pool 

Every teacher scolds me

So, you stop giving the school fee. 
I don’t understand the sums of maths 

And when I ask my teacher she always slaps

Mommy I don’t want to go to school 

My head becomes hot their but I want to be cool

I hate the history and Gk period classes 

It’s so confusing about kings, their cultures and forms of dances 
Mommy!  If you want to send me to school 

Then tell my friends not to tease me 

That I m fool😬😖

Then without crying I’ll get out of the pool and will go to school.. 

Poem on Baking a cake

I was all alone in the house 

With my little pet,’a mouse!’

I wanted to bake a cake 

But didn’t know how to make.

My mother was out at market

 and I only had one target 

To make a cake for my mom

At last I decided not to bake,

Children can do anything 

It’s all fake,

But now I was in a problem 

The kitchen was all in a mess 

Oh what if my mother  saw that

….it’s terrible! can’t guess. 

I knew my mother was going to have a fit! 

So I decided to go to my friend’s house 

And would come back when my mother ‘s anger will cool down.